Purchases & Refinances

Purchases & Refinances


As a mortgage professional since 1994 I know how, where, and who will approve each individual transaction. Having contacts in this industry with many underwriters at both, national and local banks, helps give Sobak Financial the edge on what the industry will accept and or approve. We will gather all your income documents and package your deal appropriately.


Conventional, FHA, VA with DU and LP are some of the products and procedures we offer. We are extremely aggressive and will make numerous attempts with the lenders until we secure the BEST loan in the market for you. We can provide financing options like a 2/1 buy down or a limited down payment.


Now is probably the best time ever to purchase or refinance a home! Rates are more aggressive than ever and the lenders closing costs are much lower then even a decade ago. You can own a house today at a much lower purchase price. The same house today would have sold five or ten years ago for twice the amount being asked in today’s market. This is why home ownership now is exactly the right time. Refinancing your home at lower rates offered today will position you right where you want to be for the future.


Timing and positioning are key elements to success. So let’s act now! Sobak Financial is dedicated to getting you the BEST deal possible across the board. We thank you for your interest in our services.